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Adonis Flores

Artist Statement

Since 2002 I have worked on a series of performances based on very simple actions, that don’t go beyond everyday living and that have had in common camouflage military uniforms and dress.


This work coincides with the relevance of the topic of World War I in the media and at the same time it is nourished by my past experiences in military life, above all my presence in Angola in the year 1989, where I carried out part of my military service. 


The camouflage uniform, which is used to move unnoticed through vegetation, has been transferred to the city, incorporating the daily system of relations among people. For one of these performances, which I have named The Art of Spring, I took the same uniform I wore in Angola and covered its entire surface with daisies. With this suit I walk the streets I visit public places, I meet people. I carry out the common actions of peacetime. The flowers, precisely, distort the bellicose aspect of the uniform, giving it a peaceful appearance and an attractive aesthetic, one of play and not of violence. 

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