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Alejandro González

Artist Statement

I have an almost scientific zeal for capturing the different stages of society: its ornamentation, traditions, ideology.


Since 2005 I have made a photographic registry of life in Cuba. I reflect on a reality that at times disrupts the official discourse.


In some of my works I outline the resistance of the past, its opposition to the present. I show a sector of society that in some way is silenced by officialdom and who only are numbers in the census.


In my most recent works I have returned to tradition. I make use of the most utilized genres in art: portrait and landscape. I take them on as a unit. The human presence is imminent because everything alludes to it. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, it is present in its most absolute absence.


I employ photography for its most basic character: documentation. Photography shows me things that I didn’t even know that I know, and it allows me to go back later to think about them. Even when one of my works has a certain conceptual nuance, my main objective is to show reality head-on, without sweetener. Photography for me isn’t just to generate memories; it is also to generate a kind of mythology: the photographic truth of the world just as it is now.

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