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Alfredo Ramos Fernández

Artist Statement

More than documenting a process, my photography tries to capture how an event occurs, an internal condition, the memory of a moment. I know my limitation and the fact that it is far from exact to mold something to the imposed function of photography of recording “official” reality, so I use photography to emphasize the nature of the image and the essence of the subject portrayed. I use the relationship among those elements that make a photo generate meaning. My goal is to undo as much as possible the preconceived ideas of reality when one contemplates my images.


I am one of those people who views reality more as a dynamic environment of forces and interactions close to the concept of non-Euclidean physics, with the appearance of things we inherited from the camera obscura of the Renaissance. More than documenting a moment of something happening, I am interested in capturing its interior state, its memory; I use the photographic image as a metaphor for the universe that provides the essential elements to be reconstructed by the person who sees it from his or her own personal perspective . My photography is documentary, and at the same time it eludes the relationship that is established a priori with reality when contemplating a photograph.

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