Eduardo Hernández Santos

Artist Statement

I am interested in photography for its proximity to the document, and the registry of a real, tangible moment, but also for all the possibilities of manipulation that this medium offers contemporary art. My photographic work addresses gender conflicts such as homosexuality, transvestism, and machismo, and their possible relationships to society and history. The male body has been the center of my reflections, and I have used a series of strategies of deconstruction and construction, which have allowed me to create metaphors of a social body that is fragmented and structured conceptually by intertextual elements that contribute myriad meanings and diverse interpretations. Most of my work is based in the technique of photo collage, in black and white, and in the use of various materials, such as twine, glass, paper, metal and plants—which has helped me create new contrasts in the content of the photography corpus.

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Sin Título

2000, unique from the series Corpus frágil gelatin silver print with mixed media 23 1/2 x 18 1/2”