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 Leysis Quesada Vera

Artist Statement

A constant search for the feelings that individuals are able to express in unconventional situations—that is one of the premises of my work. I prefer to photograph inside, where I can work with light as an analogous representation of the hope and dreams surreptitiously found in every person.


Many of my images indirectly reflect melancholy as a form of expressing a reality that is unsettled by the problems and conflicts of the current world, and I am always trying to intensify the dramatic situation of the characters.


A large part of my work focuses on women’s lives, their ways of confronting the dissimilar realities that correspond to them simply because they are women. The interpretation of emotions through light and shadow transmits a certain tranquility that is often fragmented by loneliness and restlessness, and this makes for scenes that unconsciously get at self-questioning and the apparent revealing of mysteries that transgress reality.

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