Lidzie Alvisa

Artist Statement

Constant renewal, experimentation—these are the pillars through which my work as an artist moves. Without pigeonholing myself by trend or theme, I take on creation fully. I cover topics from the specific to the general, from the individual to the social, that can come to have an existential or philosophical basis. My poetics departs from personal experience, from appeals to domestic space, the daily life of home and work. I am interested in the duality of signs, which I make coexist in confrontation or in harmony, in a dialogue about the space of the public and the private, pleasure and pain, the dichotomy of life-death, and other such oppositions. I also speak of double standards, rivalry, and the cruelty of the typical human condition, which makes for a triple-edged race in terms of climbing the social ladder.


I have dabbled in sculpture, photography, installation, performance. I enjoy challenges, even though for me they are a process of suffering and enjoyment at the same time. In my photographs I play with spatial relationships in the gallery and subvert the position of the photos from the wall to the floor. Recently a morphological change has inundated my work, as I try to show various states of humanity and society. The rhythm of an electrocardiogram marks the frenetic technological advance that leaves in its wake dissimilar archival materials, the human isolation such advance is moving us toward, and those fluctuations of human social, economic, and cultural processes. In general my work tries to take a thoughtful look at sensitive topics, a type of meditation that invites us to reconsider the true essence of things.

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2001, 4/5 from the series Imanes mixed media digital print, cardboard, pins, acrylic 11 x 18 x 3’’