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Liudmila & Nelson

Artist Statement

Our work is born fundamentally of our interest in understanding the reality in which we live. In the same way that we need to create metaphors and illusions to comprehend our present condition, we do this to communicate our vision of the world. Accordingly, we decided to work foremost in photography and video-art in order to better explore their close relationship to life’s realities.


For a long time we reflected on the possibility of making a series that approached an understanding of the multiple contradictions and perspectives in today’s revolutionary Cuba. And at one moment we realized that, despite the fact that many of the most important images of Cuban photography after 1959 have been taken in Plaza de la Revolución (Revolution Square), during the events occurring at that site, the monument itself was not the principal subject of the images. For this reason we decided to focus on the Plaza de la Revolución to make our series Absolut Revolution, which takes the monument as its starting point to reflect on current Cuban reality and the Cuban Revolution in itself, while also paying homage to the great historical figure of José Martí.


More recently, in our recent color series Hotel Habana, we call attention to how we conceive of the past, how we perceive the present, and how we imagine the future. From our reality and from our experiences we project what could be the dreams and fears of others.

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