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Mario Díaz

Artist Statement

I am a photographer who thinks that his photos have an important surrealist charge; I say this because a great part of my work has to do with my dreams.


Whenever I go out to take pictures, I think of images that don’t have anything to do with reality. When I find myself in a scene with unusual elements, it is in that moment that my mind begins to take the photograph that my imagination dictates, even though the image created in the mind cannot always be achieved. 


I had the opportunity to know the great Cuban painter Wifredo Lam, and in many of our conversations he talked to me about the surrealism inside his painting. Later I became familiar with his work, and that of other painters, and I think in that moment I began to do a type of photography that had little to do with reality—I did this unconsciously, until one day when I saw a group of my photos, I realized that they were all closely related images, and that in editing them to form a group images, they could form a group with something in common.


Still, I think that my main influence and my way of working have to do largely with Cuban photography and Cuban photographers.

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