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Ramsés H. Batista

Artist Statement

Images and series with different concepts, at different times, with distinct objectives, but always perpetuating facts, impose on us their principle of reality, opportunities of time and place. They are metaphors that silently reveal lives, convergences, coincidences—again before the very eyes of what our thoughts hide.


I create them unfinished because of that, because there will continue to be impressive waves, fishermen in the bays, urban and rural landscapes, romantic or daring people who confess themselves to the sea and the sun, collectors who smile while they work, paper boats that bob and stick up in the unconscious and are the escape, or not, from all we want. What will always be essential is that those of us artists who turn waves, fishermen, landscapes, people, and paper boats into our work are present in that moment, here or there, to capture with light and shadow that which sometimes nobody else sees.


Today I define my work by exploring the expressive possibilities of the nude figure through formal experimentation. I try, with the use and discovery of new printing formats, to create pieces whose plasticity and vitality are memorable.


They are pieces that allow the discovery of less traveled paths in the search for my own discourse. A discourse that, heir to the national tradition of advertising and journalistic photography, is limited to a personal view of the existential conflicts of the generation to which I belong, without devaluing those symbols of national identity.

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